International cultural enlightenment

“No matter what, first what you will notice is color of the skin and how other person look like”


Couple of months ago, I have received wonderful news, I have got a scholarship for spring exchange semester in Prague. In that moment, when I was actually filling in my application, I didn’t realise that I can for real receive one. Impulsive decision which will affect all my life, something that will probably turn up side down everything and open many unfair and unreasonable closed doors of my personality.

At the moment, I am coming back from classes, finished with faculty duties for today. I am on my way to dorm, my new home for next couple of months and room, hmmm, very international one.

imageJust imagine Russia, China, India and Serbia in same place, same room, same everything. We live in this planet with closed eyes constantly believing that we are most important and that out culture, habits and way of looking at life is the only one.

First, look at the sky sometimes when there are no clouds.
Second, go on exchange.

In both ways, you will feel the same, strange feeling, unknown to you . How small and insignificant we are as a individuals and how the borders can be sometimes more then just lines on the paper.

To explain more, to be born, to live, and to die in one country is the most stupid way of spending your precious life. And in the same time, if you do that, I don’t blame you, I blame borders, Visas, procedures…would you travel more If there were no borders and if you have time? Yea, of course you would. And if something is for sure, you have time, that’s all what we have in fact. Conclusion, find a way to skip over the problem named “borders”, and travel as much as you can. And this, last, is just for students, again, don’t miss a chance which name is “Exchange”.

I am here only for two, almost three weeks now. And for that period I have learned more about other cultures then from 22 years of my life. Even more, I have started to learn 2 new language, started to learn about Web developing  even if I am economist, started with training again, did a laundry and ironing (you have to even if you dont want to), met a lot’s of new young people, who was hungry for life, for adventures, for exploring and wining! And we are still at the beginning! New, strange, positiv energyWe are all growing up!


Skip conventional and star to think unconventional. Stay tuned, there will be more in coming days.


We can not win this

What a funny battle, don’t you think? We convinced our selfs that we can change nature, rule over it and that there won’t be consequences .. in every “war”, there is action and reaction. Since the beginning of all time, we have made an action and I am afraid that now is time for nature to show us her reaction!


Story started at the beginning of the December, 2014. My friends and I were afraid that two years in a row we will have New Year Eve without snow!? What is New Year without snow?! As the days passed by and we entered in a last week in that year, nothing was changed. Then, over night, half a meter of snow were fallen in our capital town and we were so happy. Just like that!

So you are reading this right now and say:”So what? There is nothing special about this.” And you would be right, but, thing is that temperatures was 10 degrees above zero and over night drops to zero .. still, nothing dramatic .. and next day,  temperatures drop even more, to 5 degrees below zero! Dramatic but still, let’s say “OK” to this. At the New Year Eve, temperatures was 17 degrees below zero!!! So to sum up, in just one week, we had change in temperature of 25 degrees! And again,  you sad, “it’s fucking December, it is normal to be cold and that we have snow”, and I am saying,  yes it is. Today on the news,  I saw that in next two days, temperature will be 15 degrees above zero!!! What a twist and what a play by ‘nature’.

This is just one small example, almost harmless to majority but if we are look around our selfs, just for a minute, we will see that word ‘harmless’ is out of the questions!  Earth is changing,  nature is changing and our life in this earth is going to change to! We, humans as a species, change our own ‘home’, “push it almost to the edge of the mountain and now is just up on the wind are we going to fall or survive.”

They sad “nature gone crazy, all this floods, fires, earthquakes, nature gone totally crazy” and I sad “we are crazy but we are to blind to see it”.

Action – Reaction baby,  Action – Reaction.


Entrepreneurship vs MBA

  You must go to school. Pick what college do you like. University is mandatory, of course. After that, master degree is desirable to. PhD is your choice but if you want to be successful, you know what you have to do.

And this story just keep going and going .. by your family, by society,  by corporate world .. there is almost endless circle of new tasks to be done. Society teach us to be “cog in a machine”, to serve, to sell out time to others and to become a “modern slaves” .. and what is more valuable then time? At the end, TIME defines our life in this world.

On the other side, you can start your own business and spend all those years developing something new, that other are going to us, or buy or whatever you want rather then sitting and learning smth that someone else told you to!  I don’t want to mention the most famous entrepreneur, no, I want to mention regular ones, our neighbors, friends, friends of friends who decides to be their own bosses, who are not famous but live life and earn money in the way they dream about when they were young, or just in the way thet is most appropriate for them … and who is right and who is wrong then? For real.

I don’t want to be hypocrite. Right now,  I am finishing Faculty of Economic and I know that I want to be economist, to deal with finance, or maybe banking or …whatever..  but, what I want to do, what job exactly,  what real life and corporate skills I have .. that’s a big question and big dilema for me?  Not to mention that as a young naive boy, I wanted to be astronaut!!! That is the main reason why I am writing this text at the first place. One think is for sure – as closer I am to finish this faculty, the more convinced I am that  I WANT TO HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS and to create source of income which will provide me good and fulfill life rather then sold my time to the other, work for them and wait to receive pension from government (If I ever receive it – I live in Serbia) because salaries are so low that you just can’t pay for private pension funds. I want to try to find that small kid inside me and to start to make my dreams some true..

As you can figure out from this text,  I am just a student looking for the purpose in this crazy and lost world. Sometimes, looking far in the future is good, but sometimes,  it just makes lot’s of headache. This topic concernes all of younge people all over the world and that is the biggest source if inspiration to write about and the describe your own story.

I am not sure jet,  I have milion ideas but at the same time non. First step was made. I know what “they” want but I know what I want. Let the game begin!